The Institute also hosts a stellar group of Fellows.  The Fellows comprise the core of the Institute’s research division and whose expertise and insights will help shape both the information and modes of practice we are able to provide the larger humanist movement.  The Institute currently hosts seven Fellows, with the goal of expanding this number.

  • Dr. Peter Derkx

    Dr. Peter Derkx


    Professor of Humanism and Worldviews at the University of Humanistics (Utrecht, Netherlands). His main fields of interest are the theory of humanism as a worldview, and science, technology and meanings of life.

  • Dr. Sikivu Hutchison

    Dr. Sikivu Hutchison


    Editor of She is a leading figure in African-American humanism and a popular blogger and speaker, and a commentator for KPFK 90.7 FM.

  • Dr. Monica Miller

    Dr. Monica Miller


    Assistant Professor of Religion and Africana Studies at Lehigh University. Among other publications, she is the author of Religion and Hip Hop.

  • Dr. Sharon Welch

    Dr. Sharon Welch


    Internationally known scholar with award winning work related to issue of social ethics and culture. She is currently Provost and Professor of Religion and Society at Meadville Lombard Theological School.


  • Dr. Howard Radest

    Dr. Howard Radest


    Chair of the Biomedical Ethics Committee of Hilton Head Regional Medical Center, and consultant to the Ethics Committee of the South Carolina Medical Association.